Monday, February 09, 2009

Finally blogging...
My friend Eric Evans ( decided I needed to blog over beer at the Blue Anchor in Hammersmith on the weekend. He thought my stream of consciousness would be perfect for blogging. Translated this means: "your ranting conversation would be best thrown out to the masses of people with nothing better to do than read blogs and would allow me to finish my beer peacefully". Thanks Eric, I owe you one:)

This has been a long while coming. I owe it also to being a fervent hater of what I call the "stalker" applications ala twitter and facebook. After biting the bullet (surely a strange saying?!) and using them for a couple of weeks I ended up becoming addicted. I figure what the heck, in about two hundred years when we all retire we can look back nostalgically and add up our collective blog/twitter/other social media site posts and realise where our lives went. Nice.

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